Sustainability and Innovation

As a family company with businesses around the globe, SHV takes sustainability seriously. We know we only have one planet to pass on to future generations.

Our approach to sustainability goes further than reusing, renewing and recycling. To be a truly sustainable company we believe that combining sustainability and innovation is key. For our business as well as society, the environment and the planet.

Sustainability + Innovation = Sustainovation is our formula for a responsible, sustainable approach to business.

Building a sustainable company has been at the core of SHV for more than a century. Today this vision is embodied by a simple creed: Make It Last.

Make It Last stands for consistency, sustainability and quality in everything we do. It also stands for a belief in the innovative strength of our people and the adding of value to our customers and the world. Use what you have as efficiently as possible, always deliver quality, choose the right people, never rest on your laurels and think continuously about your right to exist. Make It Last. It is a simple truth and at the same time it is a great story.

The heart of SHV’s Sustainovation effort is the Make It Last Manifesto.

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