Start from the Heart

We believe that combining financial support with the personal involvement of our employees is a true representation of our own Corporate Philosophy of investing in people.

Recent initiatives include:

SHV Energy China Warm Programme
In China’s many remote and mountainous regions, schools are often unable to give children a proper education. In these areas, lack of a proper teaching facility and poor infrastructure are key issues. To ensure the children have a warm place to study and finish their primary school education, SHV Energy China has set up the ‘Warm Programme’. This aims at providing the most basic needs for schools. For instance, at the Pingding Primary School, where a torrential rain destroyed a classroom. This meant 43 young children had no choice but to study on top of the rubble every day, in a tent made of sticks and plastic cloth. Almost 200 SHV China employees saved the day by raising funds to build a new classroom and library, to which 612 books were donated.

Building homes with Makro and Mammoet
’Un Techo para mi país’ is a non-profit organisation with the aim of achieving a fair society without poverty. One way of doing this is by helping people to put a roof over their heads. Makro Argentina adopted TECHO as a project, which employees from Head Office and local stores were keen to support. Working together with families living in slum conditions, they constructed the first simple but watertight home in two days. The intention is to build ten homes in 2014, five of which are already completed.

At the other end of the globe, a similar project took place. In the region of Batam, Indonesia, Mammoet employees volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity charity to build houses for the less fortunate. A team of 30 Mammoet people from Singapore, Malaysia and Batam was split into three groups working at three sites with the owners of each house for three days. Within each group, team members were assigned to different tasks (cement mixing, brick laying, etc), working together with local contractors. This resulted in the construction of new, solid houses. Needless to say that, during construction work, Mammoet upheld its renowned safety standards.

Primagaz Clean Up Day
In the spirit of the SHV Energy sustainability theme ‘Better, Cleaner, Together’, the Green Team of Primagaz France mobilized a team of volunteers (colleagues and their children) to initiate a major clean-up in the vicinity of five Primagaz locations during World Clean Up Day. The objective was simple: to gather as much rubbish as possible. The 46 participating colleagues gathered an impressive 160 bags of rubbish. The Primagaz Green Team is committed to expanding this effort, making it a yearly event.

Makro Brazil Young Apprentice Programme
Makro Brazil is a very active participant in ‘Jovem Aprendiz’ (young apprentice), a twelve month programme which aims to stimulate the professional development of young people. Throughout the country, Makro ‘employed’ hundreds of young apprentices to experience working in different areas at the head office and in the stores. The variety of tasks at Makro gave participants an idea of future career options. After graduating from the programme, 32 apprentices were immediately hired. Makro Brazil believes that education is essential for young people joining the labour market and that this type of programme has a positive impact on their lives. Makro will continue to invest in and improve this programme.

ERIKS Belgium cycling to fight cancer
At ERIKS Belgium, employees are encouraged to initiate charity enterprises of their own, and involve as  many colleagues as possible. There are many great examples of this, such as the 1000km cycling race ‘Fight against Cancer’, in which employees from various ERIKS Belgium branches participated. Money was raised through the yield of in-office collection boxes and a traditional Belgian waffle sale. The amount raised was doubled by ERIKS N.V.. Numerous other ERIKS Belgium’ initiatives range from employees helping out in the food bank to arranging a breakfast, to proceeds of which go to the victims of the typhoon Haiyan.

Calor Woodland Trust project
A four acre wood was planted at Calor GB's Stoney Stanton Customer Centre, in conjunction with the Woodland Trust. Joining in were 100 local primary school children who received a lesson in tree planting and the benefits of trees to the environment. The whole community was involved, and will benifit from this newly created woodland for generations to come.

Rafaëlschool, Utrecht

A donation from SHV has resulted in the purchase of new maths materials for the children at this special school in Utrecht. The learning capabilities of the children are very varied, and a wide range of stimulating learning tools are required to teach the children to count and tell the time, etc. Head office colleagues joined the pupils and teachers in the classroom to lend a helping hand with a maths lesson using the new equipment.

Primagas Community Day

Colleagues at Primagas in the Czech Republic spent a day doing long overdue maintenance at the Diagnostický Ustavsuch residental home near Prague. Activities included cleaning drainage canals, painting furniture and the greenhouses and working in the gardens. The director of the institute was extremely pleased with this practical hands-on support, and plans are being made for the next Primagas Community Day.

Ipragaz Scholarship Programme

Launched in 2005, the Ipragaz Scholarship Programme provides financial support to students in Turkey who are members of the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG). The aims of the Foundation are closely linked with what Ipragaz has in mind: to invest in people. Colleagues at the Human Resources department of Ipragaz are involed in interviewing prospective scholarship student. Ipragaz sponsors 60 students per year.


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