Run for the Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to the sustainable end of hunger worldwide.  The organisation does not provide services or direct funds, nor does it support bureaucracy. It tackles the root causes of hunger and poverty through empowerment. By mobilising villages to take action, empowering women, helping create local leaders and promoting partnership with the local authorities, communities fundamentally change themselves in a lasting way. The Hunger Project has been active in Benin for a number of years. Local staff have trained hundreds of volunteers from the region’s villages to set up their own epicentres. Each epicentre provides vital services like a food bank, child care, education, microcredit facilities and health care to between 10,000 and 20,000 villagers. 

For seven consecutive years NPM Capital has organised the Run for the Hunger Project, a sporting event to raise funds for this initiative. Every year over 800 people take part in this 'fun run', with teams from NPM’s investment companies, SHV Energy, Mammoet, ERIKS and SHV Holdings. Traditionally, the start and finish line are in the monumental Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Over the years, more than one million euro has been raised for the Hunger Project.