1968 - now

SHV diversifies

Continuing the entrepreneurial character and trading spirit of its founders, SHV in the late 1960's, in order to enlarge its operating base and in response to the collapse of the coal market, entered a number of new markets: distribution of consumer goods, technical installation, building industry, ship trading and technical equipment trading. Initially these activities were concentrated in Western Europe. During the 1970's SHV was one of the largest employers in the Netherlands and the first Dutch company with its own pension fund. Later, the activities were also spread geographically: in 1975 SHV acquired The David J. Joseph Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Makro, Reichelt, Kijkshop and Xenos 
In 1968 SHV opened its first Makro self-service wholesale store in Amsterdam. Makro was soon expanded to other European countries. During the 1970's and 1980's SHV extended its Makro business to the Americas and Asia. Otto Reichelt in Germany was SHV's most important food retailing company from 1970 to 1995. Of a smaller size were the Xenos and Kijkshop self-service stores in the Netherlands.

Geveke, Getronics and GTI 
SHV's activities in technical equipment trading were mainly carried out by Geveke. Geveke's electronics activities were included in Geveke Electronics. SHV also took over technical installation companies, which were integrated into the Group Technical Installation. GTI, Geveke and Geveke Electronics (now known as Getronics) became independent companies listed on the stock exchange in 1983.

Bulk handling and Shipping 
SHV expanded its activities in the transport and handling of dry bulk goods. The main companies in which SHV participated in the Netherlands were EMO (Europees Massagoed Overslagbedrijf), EKOM, SNV and De Rietlanden. SHV also held an interest in the Rhine push towing company Europese Waterweg-Transporten (EWT) and the shipping company Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co., which maintained a liner service between Europe and South America.

Re-focus on trade in energy and consumer goods. 
As from the 1980's SHV re-focused itself on trading in energy and consumer goods. The LPG distribution activities and Makro stores were strengthened and expanded. LPG activities were started in various countries in South America and Asia.

The recent past 

In 1997 the Makro stores in Europe were sold. Since then SHV has continued to invest in her LPG companies worldwide and expanded Makro in South America. From 2001, a number of Makro activities in Asia were sold. Makro Thailand, the last Makro company in Asia owned by SHV, was sold in 2013.

The scrap metal processing activities of TSR were sold in 2006, followed by the David J. Joseph Company in 2008.

The group was further strengthened by NPM Capital, a private equity company, Mammoet, a specialist heavy-lifting and transport company and ERIKS, an industrial service provider. Also, the first steps have been made in renewable energy. In 2015, Nutreco, active in animal nutrition and fish feed, was added to SHV as a seventh group company.

Although the face of SHV has changed over time, the entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped the company throughout the years still flourishes today.